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Custom sugar cookies are sold per the dozen with a one (1) dozen minimum to order. Pricing varies depending upon the complexity of the design, the number of designs and colors, and the time it takes to complete. Character cookies will start at the minimum of $80 per dozen, no exceptions. Prices listed below are the base pricing for each tier. A dozen (1) starts at $52. Cookies on average are 3.5" inches. Cookies are packaged individually and heat-sealed for freshness unless otherwise requested.


Includes: 1-3 designs per order and up to 4 colors of icing


Includes: 1-4 designs per order and up to 6 colors of icing


Includes: 1-6 designs per order and up to 8 colors of icing

Character (Minimalist)

Includes: 1-6 designs per order and up to 8 colors of icing


Mini Add-ons (available after an order of 1 dozen standard size cookies)

2 inch round cookies, plain iced with single colors to coordinate with the set

Minis (Min. order of 2 dozen)













Perfect for gifting on any occasion! Just pick the theme and I'll customize to fit your needs.

Pricing starts at $37 and includes 5 full sized (3.5") cookies. 

Cookie Bouquet





5 Cookie Bouquet

7 Cookie Bouquet

9 Cookie Bouquet

12 Cookie Bouquet

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