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What will I be doing in the class?

Besides having the most fun ever? I will be going over some cookie facts, decorating techniques and you will be decorating your very own set of cookies that you will take home with you that day.

Do you offer a virtual class?

At this time, I will not be offering virtual classes - but if you're interested, please email me for information on private in-person classes!

Can I purchase an additional take-home kit?

Yes! Many parents or practicing cookiers purchase additional class kits to take home and re-do the classes. You can purchase an add-on kit during check-out. Your kit will be available at the end of your class - so don't forget it!

Do I need to know how to bake?

Nope! I will have the cookies pre-made for you and will give you the recipe in an email after class so you can create your own on your own!

What will we learn in class?

You’ll learn what goes into preparing royal icing, the value of different icing consistencies, how to color icing, and tricks to fill piping bags (believe me, it’s harder than it looks). You’ll also learn different decorating techniques such as marbling, outlining, wet-on-wet, brush embroidery, and painting. Techniques will vary depending on the class and can be customized to your needs.

What age is best for cookie classes?

My classes are for almost any age! From youngsters to grandparents - come on in and have some cookie fun! My in-person classes are great for any age; however, kiddos under 16 will need a parent taking the class as well. If you think your child may be too young to enjoy the in-person class, purchase an additional take-home kit! I'll send you the class PowerPoint, and you can teach your kids in the comfort of your own home.

 Can just my child take the class?

I ask that all parents also attend the classes with their children. For children over 16, you can drop off your child to take the class and return to pick-up in 1.5 hours. Due to space restrictions, I do not have room for parents to stand by and watch their children in class. So unfortunately, your adorable kiddo cannot take the class alone. A parent must also purchase a ticket and take the class as well - but I promise you this - it's super fun for all involved!

What will I bring home?

By the end of the class, you will have created a set of gorgeous cookies ready to dry for 24-48 hours in their own box. And of course, you’ll have new skills, memories, and fun!

Can I sign up as an individual or as a group?

You can sign up either as an individual, with a friend, or with a whole group. The more the merrier! I am typically limited to a total of 10 to 12 seats per class (unless otherwise listed), so definitely sign up ASAP!

Do you hold spots for students?

I do not. Classes are first come and first serve since they fill up fairly quickly! Occasionally, there may be a cancelation, so if the class is filled - still sign up for the waitlist!

Where are the classes located?

Classes will be held at various locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

I signed up for a class but can't make it?

:( I understand that life happens so that’s why I allow you to cancel up to 7 days before the class. You can always transfer your spot to a friend though (and what a nice friend you are). Any cancelation after the 7 days will be a class credit redeemable for up to 1 year from the credit issue date.


Wondering what you need to bring to have a successful time decorating? Well – nothing’s required – but here’s the things I would recommend if you’d like to elevate your experience!

  • Bring an apron! Things can get messy when you’re workin’ with royal icing – so grab an apron (bonus points if it’s cute – I’ll definitely be asking where you got it).

  • Bring your glasses! There’s a reference slide deck to help you decorate, but if things get blurry far away, seeing glasses may be a great bet.

  • Bring your phone! I love it when students take pictures throughout class – so bring a phone!

  • Bring a mask if you’d like! These classes follow the state health guidelines, but if you’d like to wear a mask throughout class – please do!

  • Bring a good attitude! Cookies are fun, but they're also challenging! A good attitude makes all the difference.

Cancellation / Refund / Sick Policy

What if I need to cancel before the class?

  • Life happens! Let me know 7 days in advance and I can refund your money. 

  • Need to cancel within 7 days of the class? I can offer you a credit for a future class! Unfortunately I cannot refund or give a credit to cancellations *on* the day of class.

Can I cancel the day of class?

If I do not hear from you before your class’s start time, and you do not show up for class, I won’t be able to offer you a refund or a credit regardless of whether you're sick. So please reach out to me at if you’re feeling sick before class starts! If you're running late, still come! You can pick up your class supplies as long as you show up before I leave.

You purchased a Class Take-Home Kit and a Class Ticket:

If you purchased both a class ticket and a take-home kit and email prior to the 7-day refund policy, I'll be happy to offer you either a full refund or a class credit for both your class ticket and DIY kit. If it's after the 7-day cut-off, but 3 days prior to class, I can offer you a class credit and DIY Kit credit. If it's beyond the three days, you may request a class credit; however, you'll need to send a family or friend to pick up your DIY kit from class on your class date. I cannot offer refunds on already assembled DIY kits.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Of course! Just let me know by emailing the name and contact information of the person you'd like to transfer your ticket to to

Class Cancelation Policy

Classes may be canceled at the discretion of me, the event host. This rarely happens – but in that extremely rare event that it does, you’ll receive a 100% refund including your processing fees.

Classes with attendance below 5 will be canceled. Don’t be sad! You can either get a class credit for a future class (along with my apologies), or a full refund! I’ll let you know if your class has low attendance 5 days before the event is canceled so that you can bring a friend (hint hint) or find other plans for that day.

Weather Policy

Sometimes Jack Frost doesn’t play well with cookie class schedules, and Mother Nature seems to be takin’ notes. In the event of inclement weather, I’ll contact you with options – these may differ depending on the weather event but rest assured – we’ll figure something out!


Ticket Fees: Your ticket price includes your ticket fees; however, Wix does not refund its fees. If you cancel your ticket and request a refund prior to the cancelation window expiring, I’ll happily give you a refund less the service fee – since I don’t get this fee back either. Wix keeps it regardless of whether you show up or cancel. I know I hate it too!

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